Coconut Trees



What time is check in/check out?

Check out 10am - Check in 4pm

How do I check in?

When you arrive by taxi, look for the Front Desk sign. Our staff will be waiting to check you in and get your vacation started. Luggage carts are usually available to overnight guests to take your belongings to your unit. Please return them quickly to the front desk area so other guests may use them. When you arrive by rental car, drive around the U-shaped drive and follow signs to the parking area. Park in the parking lot only (front space is for taxi’s loading/unloading only), walk back to the front desk area to check in. Luggage carts are usually available to overnight guests to take your belongings to your unit. Please return them quickly so other guests may use them too. You will not receive your unit location until you arrive in person for check in. You will not be able to call an find out before you arrive. We do our best to honor requests but never guarantee them.

ADA Accessibility

Cinnamon Bay has ADA accessible units available in eco-tents and cottages. Please contact reservations to inquire what is available for your stay.

Do you have air conditioning?

NO, absolutely no a/c anywhere on camp. Ocean breezes are provided free of charge when available.

What is the bathroom situation?

There are 4 shared bath houses located through out the property. Except for the bath house along the main walk way and restrooms at the restaurant, bath houses should only be used by registered overnight guests. Each bath house has multiple sinks, individual showers and toilet stalls. The water is not hot but hopefully shouldn’t be super cold either. Raise you hand if you have experienced the exhilaration of a cold Cinnamon shower! All bathhouses have a separate ABA toilet/shower. When making your reservation please let us know in the comments if you have mobility restrictions.

Quiet Time

Quiet hours are between 10pm and 7am. While some people like to stay up late, others like to get up early. Be courteous to your neighbors and observe the quiet times. However, courtesy does end when quiet hours do, so keep in mind that others are sharing the campground as well. While we understand portable devices are now common, no one should hear you enjoying them. Please use headphones/ear buds when listening to music or using any device that makes noise.

What is there to do?

You can do as much or as little as you want at Cinnamon. Nothing is better than listening to the water roll to the shore, feeling the sun on your face, smelling the salt air, hearing the tree frogs sing at night, reading a good book or just enjoying quiet time with your travel companions. When you want to do more we offer guided hikes, kayak, paddle board and snorkel trips and rentals if you want to go on your own. Most nights there are free activities in the restaurant after dinner including nature talks, guest speakers, movie and game nights.

Will there be bugs?

We 100% guarantee you will see bugs during your stay. In your tent or cottage, on your tent or cottage and around every place at Cinnamon Bay. Mosquitos and no-see-ums will also make their appearances at Cinnamon and all over St John. (See helpful tips in what to bring section) You may also see lizards, scorpions, unidentified flying insects, tree rats, iguanas, donkeys, mongoose, land turtles and other amazing creatures who make St John and Cinnamon Bay their natural habitat. When you stay in nature you are venturing into their home, so observe them but do not attempt touch, hold or pet them. Do not feed them or you will have a very aggressive friend that out stays their welcome every time, especially the iguanas and donkeys. For this reason do not leave food inside your unit. We recommend you only prepare food outside on your picnic table and in the grill areas. You will also see large nests in the trees or on the ground, they are locally made by expert termites and are a natural part of the island habitat. The nests are not dangerous nor are the termites, but they can be bothersome near light sources as they love to give hugs after a lot of rain when their house breaks open (it doesn’t happen often).


Cinnamon Bay is a smoke free property. Smoking of any kind including vaping is not allowed in or around the bath houses, tents, eco tents, cottages, the restaurant, beach or anywhere else on property except for a designated area in the parking lot. If you are found smoking anywhere outside the designated area, you will forfeit your stay, you will be required to pack and leave your unit and your security deposit and the rest of your stay will not be refunded.

What should I bring?

You should bring an amazing, adventurous attitude ready for the unexpected and ready to make new friends! We are a community that welcomes everyone. The nicer you are to your neighbors the more likely they are to help you when unexpected critters invade your accommodations and decide it will make a great new habitat for them. A lot of bonding and life long friends have been made at Cinnamon based on someone’s ability to relocate an unwanted forest friend. As far as physical things to bring, first and foremost bring a flashlight and or headlamp. There is no lighting on the paths at night. You will need a light source to get back to the tent/cottage after dinner and for bathroom trips after dark. Everything else will depend on the level of roughing it you prefer. We have reef safe sunscreen, bug spray, beach towels, and pretty much anything else you need for sale in the camp store. We recommend light weight long sleeve shirts and long pants no matter what time of year to help with mosquitos and no-see-ums. They are your best defense and you don’t have to worry about accidentally having stinging eyes and numb mouths from your chosen bug repellant (natural or otherwise). Believe it or not, even in the summer, a pair of socks are great for keep the bugs at bay. Cinnamon Bay is casual but off the beach you will need to wear regular clothing. As is St John custom, swim suits are for beaches and pools. Coverups should not be see through, if they are they also belong only on the beach. Renting a bare site? You will need to bring your tent, bedding, bath towels and anything you plan to use for cooking if not eating at the restaurant. Renting a bare site with tent set up, an eco tent or cottage? Your bedding and bath towels, cookware, plates, bowls, cups, utensils, etc. be provided. We do not provide spices, cooking oil, salt or pepper in the units. There will be a cooking basics kit available for purchase in the store.


The Eco-tents and Cottages will have at least one outlet and USB port for charging items, an extra fan, etc. Please note; the islands have a volatile power system and we can loose power frequently. It is not unusual for power to be restored within several hours but it can sometimes take overnight or more than one full day.


Free wifi is provided in the front desk area only for overnight registered guests. It is not unusual for internet to go in and out or to loose signal strength at times. We welcome you to unplug and use your time at Cinnamon Bay to reconnect with nature, the ocean and your travel companions. It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people from around the world and learn about a different culture and environment.

Families and Family Friendly

Cinnamon Bay is perfect for families of all ages. We are a family friendly property in all areas, all the time. Our goal is that everyone and every type of family feels comfortable and safe when staying with us. If you are not open to seeing, dining with, beaching with and sharing Cinnamon Bay with people and families of different colors, nationalities, shapes, sizes and make up, this is not the place for you. Everyone is welcome and appreciated at Cinnamon Bay. Our nature talks, guest speakers, movies and activities are G rated and family friendly unless otherwise posted.


We love to host groups! Yoga groups, swim clubs, hiking associations, spiritual groups, nature clubs, school groups, learning labs and more have stayed at Cinnamon Bay. If you are interested in your group visiting or staying at Cinnamon Bay please see our group page or email us at to discuss all of the options and services we can offer.


We do not allow family pets of any kind or emotional comfort animals at Cinnamon Bay for their safety and the comfort of our guests. If you have a service animal that needs accommodation, please contact us directly to make your reservation.